Hello, I'am Hilalkariyodan a Digital Marketing Strategist in Calicut, Malappuram, Kerala.

I’m a  Digital Marketing Strategist  in Malappuram and Calicut, Kerala who Specialize in assisting entrepreneurs in successfully and favorably growing their company

I’m an experienced Freelance internet marketer and SEO expert who can provide services like SEO, SEM, SMM, Content Marketing, and Web design to help you reach a wider audience. As a strategist for online marketing in Kerala I can provide a resolution to your problems via online channels.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business administration  from Calicut University .In addition, I completed a digital marketing course at Calicut Digital Academy .  I think I can assist you in identifying online  techniques that are relevant to your business objectives, and we can work together to explore digital opportunities. 

digital marketing strategist in Calicut

So, What is Digital Marketing ?

Internet marketing, also called online marketing, is the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication. This covers text and multimedia messages as well as web-based advertising, social media, and email as advertising networks.

Who is a Digital Marketing Strategist ?

The successful management of digital strategy for client brands falls under the purview of the Digital  Strategist or Internet  strategist. A creative thinker that can connect digital to all other areas of a client’s organization and create expansion is needed for the position. A major subject addressed by the digital  strategist is how companies are presented and experienced through online interactions, as well as how these connections fit into broader customer experiences.


‘It’s hard to find things that won’t sell online.

‘jeff bezos’




The process of driving traffic to your website through search engine optimization (SEO) makes it more visible to those who are looking for goods or services linked to your company in Google or other search engines. 


SEM is the process of advertising a busines through paid listings on search engine result pages. In most cases, Google Ads can be used for this.


SMM is the practice of using social media platforms and also social networks to market products and services of a company in order to engage with existing customers and attract new ones.


In short, it's a strategy developed by producing and distributing relevant, consistent, and valuable content in order to draw in and keep a precisely targeted audience and, ultimately, to encourage profitable consumer action.


It involves creating the websites that are displayed online. Web design, in its simplest form, refers to the functional rather than the technical parts of website development.


The most easily manageable method of business promotion is email. It is used to communicate requests, alerts, and promotional messages to a particular audience.


Using photography in digital marketing is now at the front of online marketing techniques due to the quick growth of smartphones, photos, and the ability to share images immediately.



The main advantage of Internet Merchandising is that a targeted audience can be reached in a cost-effective and measurable way. Other advantages includes…

1. Global online reach and visibility

Even a small local business with an online store can reach an international audience that fits its target customer group all over the world. The online accessibility has opened many growth opportunities for traditional businesses to explore.

Digital marketing strategist in Calicut region Kerala

2. Effective targeting

Every Internet merchandising  tactic uses highly efficient targeting methods to its benefit. Even if you don’t have a clear idea of what your target audience is, with online market, you can extract data to see which audiences have worked the best for you and optimize your campaign with the learnings.

Digital marketing Strategist in Malappuram region Kerala

3. Speed

Companies utilizing web advertising can reach as many visitors as their budgets allow fast. When using strategies that involve online advertising methods such as Google Ads, or LinkedIn Ads, you can reach your target audiences very quickly.

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4. Cost

Online advertising is a cost-effective form of marketing. Using online advertising strategies to promote your business, whether local, international, small, or large, the strategy offers a cost-effective solution to grow your business.

freelance digital marketing strategist in malappuram

5. Analytics and optimization

In internet advertising, everything, like actions and strategies, can be measured and therefore optimized for better results. Measuring everything makes optimizing plans more precise, and any possible mistakes can be fixed sooner rather than later.

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